2023 Consumer Confidence Report

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If you are a current utility customer and would like to receive a copy of our 2023 Consumer Confidence Report please Contact Us and one will be provided to you at no cost.

What is the CCR?

The CCR (Consumer Confidence Report) is an annual report about the water quality of our local public water system. It provides a detailed report of sample results that were taken during the previous year. It also provides you with contact information for those responsible for your water system. All public water systems are required to provide a CCR to their customers at least once per year.

There is a violation reported on the CCR relating to disinfection by-products, specifically Trihalomethanes, in which the THM level was above the MCL level. Due to the organic makeup of the raw, sourcewater, from the well and the interaction between the bromides in the sourcewater, the chlorine (disinfectant) interaction causes increased levels of THM and other disinfection by products.

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